In 2023, travel could make a big comeback in China.

Domestic demand will not recover until the current wave of COVID-19 passes, but the October holidays could bring record numbers.

The EU will ban prediction algorithms

How the introduction of 35 regulations to Chinese law affected the use of predictive algorithms. what lessons can the EU learn from this.

Surrounded or cornered?

Bartosz Ziółek and prof. Mikołaj Pindelski discuss how they deal with the overwhelming presence of social media.

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China as a tourist destination.

Is it worth considering traveling to China as a tourist? What attractions are worth seeing? The conversation was conducted by Marcin Dobrowolski, when no one had any idea how the pandemic would change the world.

Gazeta Wyborcza

A Pole's journey to the center of business.

How to conquer the Chinese market?

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A new era in the Middle Kingdom

Is the end of the zero Covid policy in China near? How much the ongoing protests will affect supply chains.

Panic in China's capital markets

Roman Młodkowski from Biznes TV asks if panic sales of shares of digital companies will cause the collapse of the Chinese stock exchange

Two Canadians arrested in China

In December 2018, Canadian nationals Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig were taken into custody in China.

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The coronavirus and business in China

The Chinese economy has changed during the pandemic. The government is trying to win even more independence.

Death penalty for profiteering in China.

Reports of capital punishment for speculation do not help in the attempt to calm the mood in China's metallurgical industry.

Forgetting or learning? what's more important?

Bartosz Ziółek and Mikołaj Pindelski talk about the challenges of learning, unlearning, remembering, and forgetting. From a business perspective, what could be more difficult and more important?

How to build good business relations in China?

A conversation about the many dimensions of success and failure in China. To what extent does the lack of understanding for ceremonial make it difficult for Europeans to do business with China

Technology is supposed to protect supply chains.

The latest technologies have been harnessed to protect supply chains in China. However, their efficiency will depend on state policy.

Kobiety e-biznesu

The quiet end of the search engine

The lack of a search engine in the online store on the first page is a novelty

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Should we be afraid of China?

dr. Krzysztof Zalewski, chairman of the Council of the Institute of Michał Boym asks about the real risks associated with China in the coming years

Polish businesses are impatient in China

Using ready-made scenarios of Western companies and adding our Polish cleverness, we are able to exist there in a short time, counted in tens of years

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Harvard Business Review

Sum of all mistakes made

To succeed in them, you need to develop three basic competences: the willingness to make mistakes, to admit ignorance and to abandon the myth of the Great West.

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