here are the bits of culture I'm highlighting

If a powerful person talks, they’re setting the tone in the room. And we don’t want them to set the tone.

Ed Catmull

Pixar Animation Studios CO-FOUNDER

When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar.

George Westerman

MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy

Photo by Randal Ford.

A crisis highlights all of our fault lines. We can pretend that we have nothing to learn, or we can take this opportunity to own the truth and make a better future for ourselves and others.

Brené Brown

professor at the University of Houston

If a problem calls for a truly original response, no one can know in advance what that response should be. By definition, then, leading innovation cannot be about creating and selling a vision to people who are somehow inspired to execute that vision

Linda A. Hill

Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

With fast ideas comes faster innovation: 60% of Apple’s revenue comes from products that didn’t exist 4 years ago. That’s a blistering pace of innovation. Expect that to become the norm in most industries as the future accelerates, product lifecycles collapse, and disruption disrupts.
Jim Carroll
It’s no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow
Eric Pearson
CIO, International Hotel Group
Protons give an atom its identity, electrons its personality.
Bill Bryson
A short history of nearly everything
When an economist says the evidence is “mixed,” he or she means that theory says one thing and data says the opposite.”
Richard Thaler
ProfessoR at the University of Chicago

The way to become human is to learn to recognize the lineaments of God in all of the wonderful modulations of the face of man… ‘Live,’ Nietzsche says, ‘as though the day were here.’ It is not society that is to guide and save the creative hero, but precisely the reverse. And so every one of us shares the supreme ordeal — carries the cross of the redeemer — not in the bright moments of his tribe’s great victories, but in the silences of his personal despair.

Joseph Campbell